Student Testimonial (Arabic Intensive 2019-20)

I began the Arabic Intensive, less than two months ago. I had high expectations from the course and Alhamdulillah, I have not been disappointed. My motivation for studying Arabic began when I was in Makkah in 2018. I was at a turning point in my life and realised that although I had a job, I was educated and I was independent, my knowledge of the deen was lacking.

Initially, I was impressed by the positivity and sense of community between the students, new and existing. In our class, we have a range of experiences and backgrounds and I am pleased to be part of a community where we study and grow together.

All of our teachers are experienced, knowledgeable and supportive to all students. They are inspirational people who do not just teach us the skills we need to read, write and understand Arabic, but also include valuable pearls of wisdom for our spiritual development. Our weekly tutorials provide essential nourishment to our souls and teach us the attributes of one seeking knowledge.

Being a primary school teacher, I have been educated in a very different environment. When I applied for this course, I was challenging myself. I was a total beginner to Arabic grammar, and had no experience of speaking and writing Arabic. However, I am astonished by the progress we have made in such a short span of time. For this, I am extremely grateful to Allah, the teachers, and the support of my fellow students.

Zainab – Arabic Intensive

I am a student on the Arabic Intensive and have been studying at Ebrahim College for a few months now. I can gladly say that I have improved greatly in such a short time. I did not expect to progress so quickly and thanks to the skilled teachers I am able to.

Although studying at Ebrahim college is a great experience, the sense of community is another reason I really enjoy studying at the college. Studying a new language can be daunting but with great help from the competent teachers and supportive classmates I am able to confidently use my knowledge. The teachers play a big role in our progress and with their skills, I have learnt so much and become confident in contributing in class.

The knowledgeable teachers make a point to provide their students with beneficial reminders, inspiring stories and advice that I believe has kept me motivated and driven.

Alhamdulillah, studying at Ebrahim College has been very beneficial and I cannot wait to study even further Inshaa’Allah.

Sanaa – Arabic Intensive

Ebrahim College has been more than I had expected, alhamdulillah. The teaching is engaging because students are able to see the passion of the teachers who encourage and push us to do better.

After three months of being on the Arabic Intensive course, I am able to translate sentences and my vocabulary has increased. My relationship with Allah and the Qur’an has changed since starting my studies at EC, I feel closer to Allah with all the constant reminders while spending time in Ebrahim college with both sisters and teachers.

I would definitely recommend Ebrahim College to people who want to study the Arabic language while still benefiting from the islamic environment.

Faiza – Arabic Intensive

So far my highlight has been all the Arabic vocabulary I have learnt and how I put it into practice. I find the teachers very helpful and I appreciate the support and the respect they give towards students. Coming from a background of not much Arabic, I have adapted well and this environment really helps boost your confidence for Arabic. I feel like it has made me become stronger and I have started to read Qur’an more daily and have adapted it to my daily life. Mufti Khalid told us the importance of dua and how we should make it and I use this information daily to talk to Allah as it helps me to feel closer.

My favourite subject has just begun and it is Adab it is my favourite subject because I love learning the aspects of it. I would definitely recommend it (Arabic Intensive programme), when I first signed up I didn’t know what to expect and if my decision was the right one but spending time here has made me realise that this was the best choice I could ever make.

Naveirah – Arabic Intensive


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