Student Testimonial (Arabic Intensive 2020-21)

After graduating from University, I chose to study Arabic at Ebrahim College because of how comprehensively the course is structured. I aspired to not only gain access to the Qur’an through its own language but also learn its divine miracles. I craved to be able to understand the recitations in my prayers and have a personal connection with the words of Allah. I wanted to fully immerse myself in the language and the all-inclusive Arabic Intensive course was the perfect fit.

I was sceptical about studying a full-time language course executed entirely online. However, the teaching has not been compromised in any way. The flexibility has in-fact allowed many students to continue working and pursue other commitments. The structure of our classes is highly conducive to learning, with the teachers being very open to questions, clarifications, and even challenges. Despite the content-rich course being intellectually stimulating but also demanding – the teachers have truly gone the extra mile to simplify the most difficult concepts, in the easiest of ways. With the Arabic language being very complex in nature, I was always fascinated by how numerous words are interlinked from a single root word – this is exactly what we learn in Sarf (Morphology). Additionally, Nahw (Syntax) is the study of various rules governing the words as they appear in a sentence – giving us the ability to analyse, translate and construct sentences. There is no greater feeling than finally being able to decode some of the verses in the Qur’an. The breadth and depth we often delve into, especially in Fiqh, is truly incredible and gives us a deeper understanding of the Islamic Sciences and differences of opinion. Aside from the Islamic Sciences, one of my favourite classes is the weekly Tutorial session in which our teacher not only emphasises the spiritual aspects of Islam but also inspires students to endeavour to moral and ethical excellence. Essentially, this often teaches us a more superior and relevant lesson to apply in our day-to-day lives.

I am truly grateful for the sisterhood EC has facilitated for me as I have met some of the most genuine, kind-hearted and humble students. We are truly like a family, with the teachers being an integral part of our lives. If you want to set a strong foundation in acquiring the knowledge of Islam and its primary language, this course offers exactly that. I would unreservedly recommend it to all prospective students. If amongst the billions of individuals, Allah has opened the doors of knowledge to you – seize the blessing, not simply because you want to study but rather because Allah has deemed you worthy enough to carry His message.

Tayaba A – Arabic Intensive

Joining the Arabic Intensive course at Ebrahim College is one of the best decisions I have made, and I would not choose any other Arabic course over it. It has only been a few months and I am very pleased about my progress as I am already able to understand parts of the Qur’an and feel much closer to Allah. In addition to learning the Arabic language, having a variety of other subjects such as inspirational weekly tutorials, allows us to grow spiritually and motivates us to be the better version of ourselves. Likewise, Fiqh teaches us the laws of our everyday worship so we are more informed of our religious obligations and rightfully fulfil them. Tajweed lessons help us to improve our recitation of the Book of Allah to ensure we are reciting in the way the Prophet ﷺ did, and further encourages us to have more connection and meaning in our prayers. Spoken Arabic lessons improve our Arabic speaking skills, as we are able to converse with each other in Arabic, which allows us to put the grammar into practice.

At first, I wanted to study on-site – however, due to the Covid pandemic, we had to study online just like most of the world. I was under the impression that online learning would not be as effective as on-site, but I was wrong. The structure of online learning with EC truly feels like being in a classroom as all the lessons are very interactive and engaging – just like how it would be on-site. We even have fun and jokes during class. We have also been able to build a very close bond with our classmates, with whom we regularly have ‘study buddy’ sessions. Extra support and study sessions are also provided by the teachers, where we have the opportunity to ask any questions about homework and lessons. EC has truly ensured that our study and experience is not affected by studying online. The amazing teachers have a very effective method of teaching – they make the concepts simple and ensure we understand everything before moving on. They are very friendly, and they make our lessons incredibly enjoyable. I would recommend EC to anyone interested in learning Arabic.

Hamid – Arabic Intensive

Never did I expect a language course to be such a life-changing experience. The Arabic Intensive course is not just a language course, it has improved my bond with Allah and my relationship with the Quran. Thanks to this course, reading Quran has turned from a habitual and obligatory action to something I look forward to every day. One of my favourite moments while studying is being able to decode what each diacritic stands for when reading Arabic. Likewise, it is very fulfilling when I randomly come across a word in the Quran that I can translate. I’m only at the beginning of my journey and with the help of EC, I am excited to see how far I will progress.

Initially, I was sceptical about online studying because I was concerned that studying such an intensive course online may be difficult and boring. Nevertheless, to my delight I was absolutely wrong. The lessons are well-delivered, and the classroom environment is engaging and frankly hilarious. Despite being online, there is a real and lively classroom environment between students and teachers. The students I have ‘virtually’ met online are the most genuine and kind-hearted people I have ever met; they are all individually a source of inspiration and motivation. I will be forever grateful for the sisterhood that EC has facilitated for us. Furthermore, the excellence of the College stems from their teachers, as they are what make EC so special. Learning the language of the Quran and Sunnah through these experts is truly one of our greatest blessings. The teachers of EC are like no other, they are dedicated to individually aiding our learning, so that we progress. My favourite subjects are Tutorial and Nahw (Grammar). Tutorial is a dose of weekly inspiration, motivation and naseehah (advice).  The lessons we learn from Tutorial will carry with us for a lifetime. Although Nahw can be challenging, with the help of our dedicated teachers – it becomes an interesting subject through discovering how the pragmatic rules are linked together.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their relationship with Allah, through understanding the language of the Quran. With the support of EC and their teachers, your journey to attaining knowledge will indeed be very rewarding and easily one of the best decisions you will make.

Kamilah Mohchin – Arabic Intensive

Studying online can be very challenging at first but as you progress, it becomes easier and actually very productive and rewarding. The teachers at EC have impacted my studies by motivating and helping me through their support whenever I have needed it. They will be there for you no matter what. My relationship with Allah has improved greatly because of the motivational speeches that are delivered weekly in the Tutorial session. They have helped me attain closeness to Allah and kept me on the straight path, with the constant reminders. One of my favourite moments when studying is making sentences in Arabic and then translating them into English, as I feel more motivated by seeing my progress. So far, my experience studying online has gone very well as the teachers have been very inclusive of all students, despite the online learning. I would recommend Ebrahim College to all students, because it will change your life and help you understand the importance of the Arabic language.

Ibrahim Mahroof – Arabic Intensive

As a break from my professional career in Management Consultancy, I undertook Arabic studies because I wanted to understand my God and if Arabic was the chosen language by Him, then I didn’t want a ‘middleman’ in between. The message of the Quran is universal and hence can be translated in different languages. However, the knowledge of root words, the verbs and Arabic grammar uncovers layers and layers of meanings that really deepen one’s knowledge and understanding of what’s being said in the Quran, Hadith and books written by our religious scholars. There is a myth about online studying – that it can be isolating. But not ours, as our sessions are very interactive, and the teachers make sure that we are involved in the lessons. They use each students name to ensure everyone participates and understands. If you are taking an online course because you want to take the back seat – let me tell you, it’s not going to happen here at EC.

The dedication of the teachers is remarkable and their creditability in their subject matter is admirable. One stays in their awe. Knowing your teacher is there for you and they will not leave you behind is a great feeling! The teachers themselves have been the students of Arabic so they fully understand the challenges and keep the morale high through tutorials and letting one know of the high status of the students of knowledge. Our teachers have also used extra support sessions to reinforce the concepts. My favourite subject is Nahw (Arabic Grammar) – It’s like a game of puzzles, in which you discover which diacritic will be placed on which word, in which type of sentence. You are explained the set of rules and if you play by the rules, you will get everything right. Nothing is more gratifying than getting it right – it’s like you have decoded the puzzle and won!

I think it’s important to define what one’s objective is for enrolling on the course. The administration is honest and clear in answering your questions right at the onset so one is able to make an informed decision and know exactly what it entails. There aren’t any surprises nor disappointments. Personally, I search for excellence and Alhamdulillah – the knowledge, the expertise and the dedication that our teachers possess is supreme in every way. Not only their knowledge but also their ‘suhbah’ (companionship) makes one a better human being.

Ayesha Azami – Arabic Intensive

My experience studying online has been very flexible and much easier for me to attend lessons, considering the whole travelling aspect has been taken out of the equation. I have a deeper connection with Allah and the Qur’an, since now I am on a journey to learning a language that will be the key to the gates of knowledge of His Deen – primarily the Qur’an and Hadeeth in the near future In-shaa-Allah. It’s hard to choose one favourite moment, however a typical special moment in day to day lessons would be learning from down to Earth, capable teachers whilst also enjoying a friendly and supportive environment, sharing knowledge and ideas. The teachers have been very supportive and approachable. They are always willing to help and answer questions and take suggestions to improve the learning experience. This is very important to get a more solid understanding of any subject. My favourite subject in EC is Nahw (Syntax). Firstly, because I find the subject easier to grasp since it has more to do with understanding (which is my strength) than memorisation (which is my weakness). Secondly, I enjoy Nahw because it involves logical grammatical rules which allows you to appreciate the complex structure of the Arabic language. I would recommend the course since I think EC easily has one of the best Arabic intensive curriculums and syllabuses in the UK.

Mohammad Chowdhury – Arabic Intensive

Alhamdulillah, although the beginning of my journey at Ebrahim College was a little rough, I can now say that this year is without a doubt one of the best years in my education I have had so far. As a student from Germany, I applied to EC under the assumption that the course will be offered on-site. Unfortunately, I had to reject the offer due to not being able to find affordable accommodation in London. SubhanAllah, just a few weeks later, EC contacted me again to inform me about their new plan to offer the course online, due to the COVID pandemic. I was delighted and accepted the offer without hesitation. This has certainly turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. Although the course is conducted online, the interaction between the participants works flawlessly. I continuously feel as though I am literally sitting inside a classroom along with the teacher and all my classmates. The sisterhood and cohesion between us sisters is incredible. Although we are yet to In-sha-Allah meet all the students in person, we have really grown together during the past few months.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to learn from teachers who are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable but also supportive. They all exceed the teaching standards expected by them and are always willing to give clarifications to ensure all the students completely understand.  There is no doubt that every teacher sincerely wants their students to learn the Arabic language. Additionally, not only are we given the platform to discuss topics related to the subjects, but the teachers are always very supportive and provide advice for our private issues. The progress we have made is amazing. Just after the first term, I have noticed that when I read the Qur’an, I am able to analyse words and grammatical rules, to successfully being able to translate verses. This is the best feeling. I am excited to see how far we will all go after we graduate, and I pray that everyone continues their journey to attain closeness to the words of Allah and His religion, In-sha-Allah.

Alhamdulillah, I am very happy and grateful that Allah made it possible for me to study at Ebrahim College, from Germany. I pray that others from all over the world will be able to benefit too, In-sha-Allah.

Rodainah Abd El Gawad – Arabic Intensive

Signing up was not a difficult decision because I was becoming increasingly frustrated as I could barely understand the words of my Lord! Although I could read the English translation, I knew I’d never feel the true sweetness of His words until I learnt the language itself. Alhamdulillah, what an amazing decision that was! The course being delivered online still feels like a normal classroom environment and I’ve bonded with the sisters well, as well as the teachers!

One of my highlights, so far, is finally getting to understand how verbs work! I had done some Arabic prior to starting this course but had never learnt about verbs. When I used to try to translate verses myself, I just couldn’t translate them properly. Now, I’m able to translate and understand more of what Allah is saying! Another highlight has been when I managed to translate a quote by Ibn Rajab (rahimahullah), which had no diacritics, using the Hans Wehr dictionary – it was such an amazing feeling! Every concept we learn feels like taking a step closer towards Allah!

Our teachers are the ones who make the course what it is, and you can tell how passionate they are about the Arabic Language. If we don’t understand it in one way, they’ll find another way to explain it. They’ll go out of their way to make sure every student understands – no one is left behind. We don’t just learn Arabic from them, but we also learn how we should conduct ourselves. One thing I am extremely grateful for is how encouraging the teachers are with students asking questions, it really shows that they want you to understand. I could not have asked for better teachers, Alhamdulillah, every single lesson is very enjoyable. I would not hesitate at all in recommending EC to others as it has completely exceeded my expectations!

Nur Begum – Arabic Intensive

My journey at EC has been so amazing as it didn’t just allow me to learn about the language of the Quran but it made me re-evaluate my priorities in life. I learnt beautiful qualities from all the teachers and students like being passionate about Islam, working immensely hard to get closer to Allah, caring for our Muslim community, being optimistic in difficult situations etc.
I’ve wanted to learn Arabic for a while, but I felt like I wasn’t capable of learning Arabic especially Arabic grammar. Eventually, I decided to join Ebrahim College and I’m so grateful to Allah that I did because they were so helpful and supportive.
When it came to the difficult topics of Arabic grammar, the topics were broken down and explained very clearly. And surprisingly Arabic grammar was interesting especially when we would analyse the grammar of the verses of the Quran. The fact that I can successfully analyse and translate some verses of the Quran now, is the best feeling. So, I would strongly recommend studying the Arabic intensive course at this college.
Thank you to the teachers and the Ebrahim college team.

Laila – Arabic Intensive


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