Student Testimonials (Part time Courses 2020-21)

I recently completed tajweed level 1 with Ebrahim College. All the classes were online and it meant I could learn and practice the rules of recitation without leaving my home during the pandemic.

The course really helped me gain confidence in my Quran recitation and the teacher provided great feedback during classes. I am looking forward to progressing to level 2 with Ebrahim College.

– Tasneem (Tajweed Level 1 course)

I have just completed the Access to Arabic and Tajweed course at Ebrahim College. I really enjoyed my course and felt I learnt a lot. The online teaching was really convenient for me as I live a long way from London, so it would not be possible for me to attend the college in person. My teacher Asma always took the time to explain things in a different way if I didn’t understand during a lesson. Everyone in the class was supportive and non-judgemental during the lessons and this was really helpful. We all progressed so far in the space of 10 weeks. I will miss my Sunday morning lessons but I am really keen to continue on to the Spoken Arabic level 1 course.

Jess (Access to Arabic and Tajweed course)

The highlight was getting the right environment with the right people at the same level and with the same objective – to learn the language. The teacher was very good. He not only took us through the course work but also encouraged to hold conversations among students using the vocabulary learned.

The teacher had advised that the success of this course lies on continuing to learn and practice the language. One of the student colleague and I had bond well together as study buddies and have continued to meet up regularly online and hold conversations on various topics in Arabic, which has really helped.

Although the course I had joined was that of Modern Standard Arabic for conversation and not Quranic Arabic the grammar and many words are the same so it definitely helps in comprehension of the Quran which is a key to developing closeness with Allah.

EC has a long established track record of delivering excellent high quality teaching. Certain courses like spoken Arabic are rare to find anywhere else.

The online experience was great overall. Initially there was a bit of an issue with missing classes due to lack of reminder & some problems joining zoom (waiting to let someone in endlessly!) but that changed when on request a WhatsApp group for students was formed for regular reminders when the class is on, and if someone was late they would message in the group to be let in.

One of the parting messages of the teacher was to continue teaching your friends and family to be able to retain what has been learned. I shall continue to pursue that.

Faraz (Spoken Arabic course)

I have been studying at Ebrahim college part time courses since 2019 and I would like to take the opportunity to express immense gratitude and thanks for the learning that has been provided. I feel extremely blessed to be able to study at Ebrahim college, and have continued to study with the college for this reason. In addition, initially I was studying one course per term, but have since increased to two courses adding in Arabic language, and I would like to thank all the staff and teachers at Ebrahim college for this amazing opportunity. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, you have continued to provide excellent learning opportunities for us students, and the teachers have been extremely patient and supportive. May Allah reward you all abundantly, and make all your efforts heavy on your scale of good deeds.

The highlights of studying with Ebrahim college has been an increase in confidence to learn, and enthusiasm. Previously I had thought I would not be able to do it for many reasons, but the college and teachers have made the courses accessible and easy to follow. The teachers are encouraging, supportive and patient, and I pray that Allah blesses them with good health, and allows me to continue to study under them for a long, long time in sha Allah.

I believe I have progressed because previously, although I have learned about Islam growing up, I could not remember specifics or the detail that I have learned at Ebrahim college, which has cemented my love for the deen greatly.

I would and have recommended Ebrahim college to my acquaintances, because I have found that through my study with the college, I have found peace, happiness and feel as though I am fulfilling my purpose in life.

Whilst I miss attending physical classes, I have been grateful that the learning could continue online, and have found it very easily accessible. Once my current courses are complete, I hope to continue to the next course with the same teachers bi’ithnillah.

The skills I believe I have learned through studying with Ebrahim college are personal such as not being afraid to try; and to make better use of time through gaining Islamic knowledge. Also, to be more patient.

I currently work as a pharmacist in GP practice and in supporting vulnerable patients in their own homes; this learning provides a beautiful opportunity for me to engage in personal development and to also gain a closeness to Allah and I am so grateful for it.

JazakumAllahu khairan to all at Ebrahim college – wa barakAllahu fikhum.


The highlight is expanding my knowledge and understanding in Hadith studies. I learnt matters that can only be taught face to face. It did not strengthen my Deen as I am 100% fully committed, believing and practising anyway but areas of controversy were clarified that allowed for me to deliver a reasoned riposte to hostile critics of the Deen as well as put my mind at rest.

Mujahid Ali is brilliant. Delivers content clearly, concisely, challenges us in class to keep us on our toes and he possesses both understanding as well as a sense of humour. I hope to study further under him in the future.

Online is a blessing for me because I otherwise would unlikely attend. I have attended Islamic classes elsewhere, usually weekends but these are rare nowadays as I work as a community mental health NHS nurse, have 2 kids, 1 cat, one wife etc., etc., etc., (I am busy). I have though been able to attend and enjoy all of the hadith classes and after a period of rest I hope by the years end, to have enrolled on another online course in one of the Islamic sciences.

The only area that I could suggest improving would be 10 classes if possible. 12 is a mini slog. Not sure if it would work though, but you (EC) will know best. The 1.5 hrs duration is perfect.

Camatchee (Usul al Hadith course)

I am a dentist but since the pandemic started, I took a long break from work and wanted to be closer to Allah by learning the language of the Quran. The highlight of EC was how quickly I learnt the Arabic language. I didn’t expect to learn so much at a basic level. I have definitely improved and look forward to continuing. I have started to notice verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, the cases and how they all interchange in the Quran.

I must give credit to my teacher who was excellent at not just the Arabic language but his teaching method and encouragement. Personally, I had many questions – but none were too much for him. He made sure everyone of us understood everything before proceeding. Every week the class was very interactive MashaAllah and online experience definitely is the way forward. I really enjoyed the flexibility of online lessons and the comfort of studying at my own home.

I have already recommended my sisters and cousins to take the course at EC. Hoping to advance further with EC and even share what I learn with others.

Radia (Arabic Language Level 1 course)

I started studying at EC a couple of years ago starting at Tajweed level 3. Alhamdulillah I am now in the Ijazah class with Ustadah Saleha, I am looking forward for this class to resume this year.

I have enjoyed and benefitted from being able to study under the various Tajweed teachers at EC, all my interactions with them have been positive. It’s inspiring to hear their journeys as most have also completed the ijazah programme here at EC. I hope to continue studying here at EC and begin some of the other modules offered to supplement my Alimiyyah studies that i am completing at another institute. I also hope to share my knowledge with the community by teaching adults and children in the future Insha Allah.

I would definitely recommend the Tajweed modules to other students, as the curriculum is well structured and allows you to focus on different rules in each module, and has a good balance between theory and practical reading.

A suggestion I would make for the more advanced modules, where there is a greater focus on practical reading. The class sizes should be smaller to allow each student more time with the teacher. When class sizes are too large students aren’t able to maximise their learning and receive feedback.

Overall i am satisfied with the support the teachers and admin have provided us and wish the College continued success.

Nadiyah (Tajweed course)

When I first thought of learning Arabic two thoughts came to my mind- 1: am I good enough to learn such a language and 2: would I make myself appear a fool in trying. Those thoughts were at first what made me hesitant but as the lessons went on the calmer and more reassured, I felt that I can learn the language and finally understand what is being said!

As an Ustadh you really took the title of a teacher and were calm in your mannerism. As our journey draws to a close, I can say that I have gained such confidence in my pronunciation and commitment to learning Arabic. Giving me the self-belief that I can achieve: the greatest gift a teacher can instil in his student is the belief that they can. Thank you Ustadh for being a teacher I needed to overcome my fears and making me appreciate the history and the importance of learning Arabic. As a small thank you I have purchased a small olive tree in your name for a family in Palestine. I would love to have you as my ustadh for level 2 and feel I would benefit much more (Ebrahim College please make this happen!!).

Mohammed Islam (Arabic Language Level 1)

I studied module 1 and 2 of Ebrahim College’s tajweed course. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course because of the students, my ustadh and the course itself. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by individuals of different age groups but ultimately the same objective was a very beautiful experience. My ustadh Modud Chowdury taught me clearly and was much disciplined in his approach, which enabled me to stay consistent and allowed me to develop my skills. Ustadh created an atmosphere which allowed me to be comfortable to ask questions about the deen (non- tajweed related) in all aspects which I appreciated very much.

I got to learn the fundamentals of tajweed and have been able to apply this whilst reciting the Quran after the course was over. The notes were very beneficial as I am able to use them to this day when I may be unsure on any of the rules.

My relationship with Allah and the Quran goes up and down, as is expected in this world. However, learning tajweed has given me the confidence to recite Quran and feel content to a certain degree (always room for improvement) when reciting. This was the biggest benefit from this course. As when I want to turn to Allah, I can use the Quran to do so and I have the confidence to do so because of this course.

I would like to thank Ebrahim college, the brothers I studied with and my Ustadh – Modud Chowdury. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity because the knowledge I have gained will In Shaa Allah allow me to attain the ultimate prize; Jannah. I hope that all those involved in my journey with Ebrahim College can improve and attain Jannah also, as they have assisted me in learning, one of, if not the most important skill of my life.

Mahdi (Advanced Qira’aah course)

Excellent teachers. Professional administration, both well organised and contactable. On a personal note, having completed Tajweed at levels 1-3 with the college, 2020-2021, I have fallen in love with the Quran all over again! SubhanAllah. Highly recommend EC Tajweed courses.

Maha (Tajweed courses)


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