Student Testimonial (Arabic Intensive 2021-22)

I am a Master’s student at the George Washington University. I am also a full time Researcher who is dedicated to pursuing her long-lasting passion to learn Arabic. I just finished an Arabic Intensive program at Ebrahim College and I highly recommend this College for its outstanding organisation and superb team. From the registration process on, everything was smooth and highly professional. I have been very impressed by the quality of the teaching, the continuous attention to the students, and the support provided.

The teachers at Ebrahim College are absolutely fabulous instructors. I had the pleasure of taking a variety of courses within a year as part of the Arabic Intensive programme and cannot stress what an incredible academic experience I had. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable, passionate about the subject matter, patient and kind. The whole staff are very supportive and helpful. There is no doubt that I will continue to study at Ebrahim College until my Arabic is mastered.

Without a doubt, my favourite subject was the Arabic literature class. I find the material and teaching style to be effective, fun and challenging as my teacher was very patient, encouraging, extremely competent and had a great sense of humour. The course was rigorous, and the explanations were always clear. For instance, the teacher would take the time to use a new word in several sentences through explaining the nahw and sarf aspects of it along with its semantic usage in Arabic language so the students can understand its different meanings.

Despite the programme being delivered in an online format, I can confidently say that it was just as effective and productive learning online as physically in a classroom. This is due to the technology and online tools that Ebrahim College utilised during the year such as online whiteboards, a video collaboration tool, Google Classrooms and Telegram groups. Ebrahim College made learning Arabic accessible and possible to learn for someone like me with no previous exposure and has encouraged an intellectual curiosity in the field that made me want to continue further Arabic exposure in Ebrahim College’s Alimiyyah Programme. The experience that I have had with Ebrahim College has been wonderful and immensely profitable to my goal of understanding and appreciating the Qur’an. I cannot emphasize enough the happy moments when I was able to decode Arabic words in the classical texts within a short period of time.

I would most definitely recommend Ebrahim College to students who want to learn Arabic rapidly. Thus, without losing years of searching for language institutions with advanced teaching methodology for an affordable price, just give yourself a chance to attend one lesson at Ebrahim College. All you need is motivation, inspiration, the will to learn and a little bit of encouragement, and guidance from Ebrahim College. From the US, I chose Ebrahim College based on the students’ reviews and never ever regretted my choice regardless of time difference. If you are reading it now, rely on this feedback and get education from Ebrahim College whoever you are. You will be amazed at the progress you get swiftly in Arabic language proficiency which will make you closer to the goals you have had so far.

Nurtaj Vidadili – Arabic Intensive


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