Bio: Shaykh Muhammad Bhuta

Shaykh Muhammad Bhuta was born into a scholarly family in West Sussex. He grew up in London under the guidance of his father, Shaykh Ismail Bhuta and his elder brother Shaykh Abdul Mateen. He started learning Islam at a young age.  After completing his secondary school education and basic Islamic studies, he travelled to South Africa and enrolled at the distinguished Islamic seminary, Dar al-Uloom Azaadville. He undertook a six year Intensive study of various traditional Islamic sciences including Arabic language and literature,Aqidah, Tajweed and Qira’ah, Hadith, Tafsir and Fiqh. He was fortunate to study with Ulama such as ShaykhFadl al-Rahman Azami, Mufti Saeed Motara, Shaykh Hasan Docrat, Shaykh Muhammad Mohammedy and Shaykh Ebrahim Muhammad. After returning to the UK in 2005, he travelled to Damascus, Syria where he furthered his knowledge and experience. He benefited from the academic lectures of many scholars there, such as Shaykh Saeed Ramadan al-Buti, Shaykh Nur al-Din Itr and Shaykh Naeem Araqsusi.

He has previously served as the head Imam of al-Medinah Masjid in Brighton UK and as the head teacher at the Seven Kings Islamic centre madrasa.

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    I just wanted to say that I am so impressed by your way of teaching, expression and command of the English and Arabic language. I am taking an online course on the Seerah of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad.

    MashAllah may Allah(swt) give you blessings.

    Tariq Nazir Ahmed

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