“When I first took a glance of Mount Jabel E Noor And Mount Thawr and made the intention to climb it, I said to myself this will be one of the longest journey ever..

The journey of climbing Jabal E Noor from a distance was like a thousand miles steps to climb. After completing the mission and arriving safely I felt pretty well preserved. The end result was fruitful.

I would encourage everybody and anybody to take part in the joy and glory of the Makka Twin Peak Challenge. Have no fear, in our normal day to day lives we may run, walk, stumble, drive or fly, but don’t miss a chance to climb the 2 holy mountains.

It was one of the best refreshment of the journey. I really appreciated being part of the MTP Challenge,  especially being part of the goodness of the people in our group.”

~ Hena Begum – MTP 2010 Spring Challenge


“The interactive seminars taught us historical events in Islam, followed by the Zeyaras which allowed us to actually see and feel the events talked about. I always thought performing Umrah was just a ritual, but EC scholars ensured we understood the process. The participants and staff of EC were fantastic to the extent that I am now also a proud student at Ebrahim College”

~Councillor Shahed Ali – MTP 2009 Summer Challenge


“A spiritual, educational and sociable trip. It made me reflect on many things, it’s been the best travel so far, in strengthening my Emaan, Alhamdulilah.

The climb up Mount Noor was one of the activities i pondered over! It’s always an uphill struggle in anything that we do, but as long as we keep going that’s all that counts, thus we need energy and motivation to keep persevering when the going gets tough.

Khadijah bint Khuwayhid (RA) used to carry food and water herself up the mountain where Prophet Muhammad resided, and at that time there were no steps to make easy the climb as there is now.

When we all reached the top, we were tired, out of breath and complaining not to do it again (with a laugh). So we should all remember that if we undertake something that we have not already mastered, then it will not only strengthen our minds but also it will do us good…well it did to me!”

~Reipa Begum – MTP 2009 Summer Challenge


“For a first timer going to Umrah, I wanted to travel with someone who could help me make the most of my journey. Ebrahim college’s Makka Twin Peaks team was that team. The charity climb was an amazing challenge that everyone should take.

Only through our Prophets (SAW) steps can you truly understand the struggles he went through. The brotherhood that I found on this trip is lasting and inspiring. At the end of the journey we all came back inspired, a little more enlightened and most satisfied! ”

~Jalal Ahmed – MTP 2009 Summer Challenge


“I had a great time going to Umrah and Twin Peaks Challenge with EbrahimCollege. As a revert with a disability, travelling without a mahram, I was supportedand well taken care of while maintaining some independence, I wanted for nothingand would happily do Umrah with this group again Inshallah!”

~Sister Karima – MTP 2009 Summer Challenge


“Makka Twin Peaks has been a rollercoaster journey. It has been a truly liberating experience”

~Alum Uddin – MTP 2009 Summer Challenge


“The Makkah Twin Peaks Challenge is a unique opportunity for us all to connect with our deen in a unique way. It’s a privilege to be part of it and to be able to witness how it impacts the lives of so many of us”

~Moulana Shams Ad-Duha – MTP 2009 Summer Challenge


“It was a good travel, I acquainted with some really good brothers n the EC staff gave jokes, including icecube look-a-like, brother Arman (lol). I was like a proper tourist with all the sightseeing lol. I was a guardian to two of my older sisters andthe travel brought memories from when I first performed Umrah 9 years ago.”

~Sunni – MTP 2009 Summer Challenge


“Makka Twin Peaks Challenge! The odds of me joining the MTPC summer 09′ weren’t looking so good. I hadn’t realised that my passport had EXPIRED!!! and still to do the visa with only 2 WEEKS till the departure, Alhamdulilah my friends at EC helped and supported me to make sure that I will be joining them. The brotherhood shared on this trip was amazing; it was as though I was here in the Holy Land with my own family. The guidance of my Ustaadh’s, the support of my friends, truly made this an inspirational,educational and fun experience. The mountain climb, were incredibly hard. Especially in the scorching heat of the Arabian climate. The sense of achievement is like no other, to know Muhammad (S.A.W) had done this climb many times. I had blisters the size of golf balls. But it was all worth it…Hence the reason I will be joining MTPC yet again this year Inshallah”.

[Imam Sadiq (A.S.) says: Looking at Kaaba is an act of worship]

~Wassell Ahmed – MTP 2009 Summer Challenge


“Prior to the trip I was rather afraid and unsure about it since I was taking part alone. But it was a whole different experience as to what I had been anticipating. The group was close knit like a family and I absolutely loved it! That’s why I’mtaking part again this year!”

~Khayer Choudhury – MTP 2009 Spring Challenge


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